Annis Thompson Artist for DeniMural 


DeniMural            Painted Denim Jackets

The iconic denim jacket has been shaped by history, hard work, film and fashion. More than just a jacket, it tells a story - your story!

  The artist, Annis Thompson, reworks and recycles vintage denim jackets, painting them with vivid, one-of-a-kind designs, under the name, "DeniMural". DeniMural jackets are an unique art form that can be displayed or worn, as washable, wearable art that lasts and lasts.

Customize your very own denim jacket!
Annis can be contacted at 647-285-7084, at, or on Facebook, under "DeniMural Painted Denim Jackets". You can arrange to have your own all-cotton jacket personalized and painted in a design of your own choosing. Or, you may see selections from her collection of over seventy completed jackets, also on sale! 

Experience the art of the jacket!
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